Index of Nurse Clementina Marshall diary

Clementina Marshall – DIARY PAGE INDEX, SUMMARY  World War 1 Nurse.

(school exercise book, given to Clementina by her mother)

Nurse Clementina Marshall, our Family Hero,  on board  the Hospital Ship Gascon, ANZAC day 1915 at Gallipoli.

Page 1. Boards troopship S.S Argyllshire with Nurse Bessie Pocock, with 1500 soldiers & horses on Sydney Harbour 17/10/1914

Page 2. Blank

Page. 3 Cover Page “Clem Marshall Diary” 17/9/1914 ( given by her mother Margaret Marshall, Dornoch  Sydney )

Page 4. “Steaming gently on board troopship toward Great Australian Bight”

Page 5 “Arrive in convoy at Albany Western Australia. Cold” 23/10/1914

Page 6. “Waiting – lying in Albany Harbour, then proceed in convoy.” 27/10/1914

Page 7.  “Away in convoy 44 ships wonderful enjoyment”

Page 8. “Meeting army men, horses Billy & Jimmy & N.C.O. All seasick”

Page 9. Discusses meeting Major Christian, C.O – “Rather brilliant”

Page 10. Fatigued, discusses meeting young soldiers & Mr. Cunningham

Age 11. Meets two Army Chaplains & discusses the influenza epidemic 8/11/1914

Page 12. “Ocean, ocean,” “CHM misbehaving, then “excitement, Japanese cruiser” 9/11/1914

Page 13. “S.S Sydney and German raider, Konigsberg battle & Cocos Island” 13/11/1914

Page 14.  “S.S Empress of Russia, battleship & arriving at Colombo” 18/11/1914

Page 15. Visits Colombo – Ceylon, describes one day visit

Page 16. Description of Colombo

Page 17. Description of Colombo & natives & beggars & leaving 22/11/1914

Page 18. Advice from headquarters – no more censorship

Page 19 S.S Star of Victoria, Shropshire, and Ascanius

Page 20 Collision at sea, Troopships. “Excitement at sea” 23/11/1914

Page 21 “our Japanese battleship escort and ship life” 24/11/1914

Page 22 “Entrance to gulf of Aden and re-coaling” 26/11/1914

Page 23 “News, to be Lucky, going towards Egypt” 28/11/1914

Page 24. Arriving at Suez Canal, so narrow 1/12/14

Page 25. Arriving at Port Said. Picturesque description 2/12/1914

Page 26 Remarks about visiting Port Said 3/12/1914

Page 27 Arrives Alexandria and travels hospital train 7/12/1914

Page 28 Describes Travelling in Egypt to Cairo

Page 29 Describes wharf and train and travels in Egypt


Page 30 Horrible Smells of crowded Egypt

Page 31 The fertile green valley of the Nile and train

Page 32 Travels on a train and through Nile Valley – 2000 years old

Page 33 Arriving Cairo at Mena House, loaded wagons 8/12/1914

Page 34 One day off to Cairo and sphinx and great pyramid tours

Page 35 Orientates have knowledge of silence

Page 36 Develops optimistic fatalism

Page 37 Visit Cairo with sister Bessie Pocock and Mr Stewart

Page 38 Egypt and dinner at Shepheards Hotel – Cairo

Page 39 Cairo traffic, donkeys, autos and trams

Page 40 Great Cheops Pyramid and sphinx and sarcophagi 29/12/1914

Page 41 Climbs to top of Cheops pyramid 30/12/14

Page 42 Explores Sakkara and chambered sub terrain temple

Page 43 wonderful tombs of Serapeum and V. Dynasty

Page 44 Tours villages and temples by herself – plucky

Page 45 Mr Cunningham and Dr Dunlop visit

Page 46 Sightseeing to Sultan Hassan mosque

Page 47 Desert sand storm  2 ½ days very unpleasant

Page 48 Egypt field hospital Pneumonia,  very hard work

Page 49 Egyptian customs & manners

Page 50 Describes Ubiquitous Cairo 30th January 1915

Page 51 Visits the Cairo,  Great Citadel, writes about Great Napoleon.

Page 52  Mena House hospital, then leaving for Ismailia.

Page 53 New move to Suez canal, meets nurses. 28/1/ 1915

Page 54  Canal Coy. Hospital, booms of guns. 30/1/1915

Page 55 HMS Harding bombed, first wounded soldiers.

Page 56 Guns firing across Suez canal, towards New Zealanders, NZ troops first wounded.

Page 57 Canal Firing, Turks 30 miles away. 10/2/1915

Page 58 Sister Radcliff, Sister Kitchen, visits Shepheards Hotel Cairo.  12/2/1915

Page 59 Drives auto to Suez Canal & notes Turks are 50 miles away. 14/2/1915

Page 60 Comments about Turks & German attacks on Suez canal


Page 61  Waiting, monotony,  for orders to leave Ismailia.

Page 62 On night duty in field hospital Ismailia, describes nurses work. 18/2/1915

Page 63 Heard the expected news, we are leaving Ismailia. 24/2/1915

Page 64 Nurses & New Zealanders  at Abassia Garrison  Hospital. 21/3/1915

Page 65 Annoyed at squalid Heliopolis Hospital, then delighted to hear we are moving to Hospital Ship Secilia.

Page 66  Excitement to go on board as a nurse to Hospital Ship Secilia. 21/3 1915

Page 67 Waiting in Cairo, describes going to Church.

Page 68 Camel ride to Pyramids & Sphinx photo,  then Men drink & Quarrel  & burn houses. 29/3/1915

Page 69 Clementinas, My brigade the 1st Artillery, leave Cairo. 3/4/1915

Page 70 Train Convoy to Alexandria, Nurses board Hospital Ship Secilia, in the Mediterranean sea. 6/4/1915

Page 71 Nurses wait 5 days on HS Secilia, waiting for action then go off towards war Australian 1st Artillery brigade description.

Page 72 Land soon vanished, setting up hospital wards on HS Secilia, then CHM arrives Lemnos Island. 13/4/1915

Page 73  Amongst battleships, torpedo boats, & gunships,  Lemnos island 16/4/1915

Page 74  Clementina  asks to visit British Dreadnought Battleship Agamemnon & visits gun turrets, photo. 17/4/1915

Page 75 Lemnos harbour, describes Gun Turrets. 21/4 1915

Page 76 Describes troopship life & Lemnos harbour 21/4/1915

Page 77  Clementinas Birthday, feeling anxious, not well, uncertain. 22/4/1915

Page 77 Boards Hospital Ship Gascon, meets British Matron Woolley, & friends Sister Durham, Sister Porter 23/4/1915

Page 77.  At 1am Hospital Ship  HS Gascon steams away, towards Dardanelles & Cape Helles 25/4/1915 (ANZAC Day 1915)

Page 78 Gallipoli bombardment starts 5am, HELL. 25/4/1915

Page 79 Nurse Clementina Marshall describes 21 hours of Hospital Ship Gascon operations, in a War zone, being bombed.

Page 80 MAP, DRAWING, Australians, British, French, Indian attacks at Gallipoli &  Cape Helles Turkey. 25/4/1915

Page 81 Gabe Tepe,  Gallipoli, ½ mile off coast, 2500 wounded in 1 day, realising the Awful battle, 25 operation cases. (1st trip )

Page 82 Rush for (2nd hospital trip) & return, 22 hours nursing work,  dated 16/5/1914 ( note should be 1915 )

Page 83 Describes 500 soldiers wounded, the wounds so awful, Turks &  Germans using explosive bullets 11/5/1915

Page 84 HS Gascon lying close to Gallipoli shore1/2 mile away from Gallipoli beach, No progress, many dreadfully  wounded

Page 85 Clementina nurses & operates on General Bridges Commanding Officer of  Australian Infantry Force. 26/5/1915

Page 86 Clementina describes  6 weeks of Hospital Ship Gascon sea voyage  trips & wounded soldiers,  …towards Mudros bay.

Page 87 Battleship Triumph, lost, Torpedoed, Imbros 27/5/1915

Page 88 HS Gascon (3rd trip) to Gabe Tepe,  5 operations till 2am. 29/5/1915

Page 89 Gallipoli, awful battles, 3.30am start nursing work 11/6/1915


Page 90  CHM two nurse friends, Wakeford & Porter both very ill, & then 2 new sisters board HS Gascon. KITCHEN & SAMSING

Page 91 Alexandria, Lemnos, Imbros, waiting for Escort ship. 14/6/1915

Page 92 waiting at Lemnos harbour describes hospital ship Life 27/6/1915

Page 93 describes Battleship Lord Nelson bombing Turkey.

Page 94 Gabe Tepe (4th trip) to Alexandria , Nurse Clementina Marshall mentioned in Despatches from war office. 6/6/1915

Page 95 Shelling for 2 hours, describes horrible wounds, reroute from Malta to Gallipoli 27/7/1915

Page 96 Description of Visit to  Malta-  capital Valetta, church on Rhodes.

Page 97 Mountainous seas, everyone is seasick.

Page 98 HS Gascon takes on board 490 wounded soldiers, (5th trip,)  at Cape Helles, Turkey towards Mudros harbour 22/7/1915

Page 99 Eight hospital ships towards the Dardanelles with battleships for Big Battle

Page 100 First mention of ANZAC with 60 Australians wounded every day.

Page 101   Take on board  280 wounded, (6th trip) from Cape Helles towards Mudros. 5/9/1915

Page101 Nurses Clementina Marshall, Muriel Wakeford,  & Durham & Katherine Porter leave Hospital Ship Gascon 5/9/1915

Page 102 On board new ship P&O Morea towards England via Marseilles France.( Photo #3 AUST GEN HOSPITAL ) 23/9/1915

Page 103 Visits Gibraltar, tours & then  is escorted by gun boats, for nurses protection,  towards Plymouth. 16/10/1915

Page 104 Special war Nurses train trip from Plymouth towards London, describes first impressions of Green England

Page 105 In London, granted 6 days Leave,(Furlough) train travels to Scotland, describes Aberdeen, Clementinas birth country.

Page 105 Clementina visits relatives in Scotland, describes beautifully Edinburgh.

Page 106   Zeppelins overhead in dark war torn London,  Sees one Zeppelin crashes.

Page 107 Visits London House of Commons Parliament, Listens to Sir Edward Grey statement about the withdrawal of troops from Failed Dardanelles, CHM comments Awful price paid 5/11/1915, then Furlough holidays 2weeks to Wales & Ireland.

Page 108   English scenery, so tidy, green delightful.

Page 109 To be Happy; is impossible to the harassed temperament. Hospital Ship Gascon arrives in London with Sister Kellet.

Page 110 London , then travels to Wandsworth Hospital, descriptions 7/11/1915

Page 111 Describes English nurses, Wandsworth Hospital.

Page 112 Clementina has  One Day OFF per month, visits & describes Lambeth palace 22/4/1916

Page 113 Describes   Rebellious English nurses, then CHM visits London,  restaurants, & theatres, visits Trocadero.

Page 114 One year on memories of Blood Red Poppies, note here Blood Red Poppies BEFORE Anzac day 1915 ???

Page 115 One week Furlough, ( holiday) London ,Wimbledon, isle of Wright.

Page 116 Nursing at  Harefield hospital England, Letter from Muriel Wakeford Marseilles, France, waiting for action. 28/5/1916

Page 117 Visits London & describes, Charles Dickens literature.

Page 118 London , visits Museums describes Knights of St. John/ Templar’s.


Page 119 CHM describes the sad news of Lord Kitchener’s sudden  death, ….calamitous. England in Spring flower. 5/6/1916

Page 120 CHM sick, Can`t say she likes England, wishes to leave Harefield, suffering acute Neuralgia headaches. 1/11/1916

Page 121 Now enjoying Operating Theatre work at Harefield hospital  29/11/1916

Page 121  February 23rd  1917,  Royal Red Cross awarded to Clementina Hay Marshall by his Majesty King George the 5th at Buckingham Palace, then CHM is presented to  Queen Alexandria, at Marlborough House. CHM is awarded a book prize from The Queen Alexandria.   ( Queen Alexandria is the sister of the Czar of Russia) ( Also during all of WW1 Kaiser Wilhelm  of Germany is the Grandson of Queen Victoria of England )

Page 122 April 6 th 1917. Crosses the English channel to work in the field hospitals Boulogne & Wimereux France.

Page 123 Wimereux France, walks tours, enjoys one  day off.

Page 124   Wimereux France, 19th of August 1917 Enjoying French people immensely; CHM decides to ask for return to England & Australia. Full  description.

Page 125 On the 25th of August 1917 CHM is on bard troopship, being escorted  by Major Owen ( surgeon ) back to London.

Page 126  Travelling by train towards Plymouth with CHM in charge of 5 sisters in her charge.

Page 127 On the 28th August 1917 On board the USS Coys. SS Pakeha, waiting 5 days at Plymouth wharf, then captain says Up with the gangplank. CHM replies, then, We must  get on with it.

Transcription By Donald Marshall. Copyright assigned to  Donald Marshall. 9/9/2015.  All rights asserted under Australian Commonwealth Copyright Legislation. Donald Marshall 8 Joyner st. Moorabbin  3189  Telephone 0419 37 34 34.

  1. ………………….Sister Clementina Hay Marshall returned as Matron on 4 Return trips from England to Australia with up to 1400 wounded soldiers on each troopship, these soldiers were shell shocked, sick,  dying & or amputees returning to Australia on board  ANZAC troopships 1917, 1918 , 1919, & 1920. Troopships & hospital ships  HMAT A7 Medic, A74 Marathon,  Ansconia,  RMS Ormonde with Sea transport  section 7 & 8 & 10


Sea Transport Staff Sections 7-8

BARNARD, Muriel Elizabeth                   Staff Nurse
BELL, Sarah                                       Sister
CECIL, Edith Ruth                                Staff Nurse
DOUGLAS, Ethel Rose                          Staff Nurse
FREY, Maude Josephine                        Staff Nurse
GOOD, Gertrude                                 Matron / Sister
MARSHALL, Clementina Hay                  Matron / Temp Matron
PURCELL, Annie Watkins Bennett Vize     Sister
RUSSELL, Maude                                 Sister / Temp Matron


Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A7 Medic 2 November 1918




Transcription By Donald Marshall. Copyright assigned to  Donald Marshall. 9/9/2015.  All rights asserted under Australian Commonwealth Copyright Legislation. Donald Marshall 8 Joyner st. Moorabbin  3189  Telephone 0419 37 34 34.

Sea Transport Staff, Section 7

BURNS, Gertrude Alice               Staff Nurse
CROHAN, Eugenie Augusta          Sister
ENGLAND, Fanny Alice               Staff Nurse
KEAREY, Elizabeth                     Sister
MARSHALL, Clementina Hay        Temporary Matron
PERKINS, Jessie Grace               Staff Nurse
SCOTT, Ellen                            Staff Nurse


Sydney, New South Wales on board RMS Ormonde 2 March 1918

Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A7 Medic Recalled 2 November 1918

Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A74 Marathon 21 January 1919

HMAT Medic




Sea Transport Staff Sections 7-8

Sea Transport Staff, Section 7

HMAT A7 Medic
Unit embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, on board HMAT A7 Medic on 2 November 1918


BARNARD, Muriel Elizabeth                   Staff Nurse

BELL, Sarah                                       Sister

CECIL, Edith Ruth                                Staff Nurse

DOUGLAS, Ethel Rose                          Staff Nurse 

FREY, Maude Josephine                        Staff Nurse

GOOD, Gertrude                                 Matron / Sister

MARSHALL, Clementina Hay                  Matron / Temp Matron       

PURCELL, Annie Watkins Bennett Vize     Sister

RUSSELL, Maude                                 Sister / Temp Matron

Army Medical Corps, Sea Transport Staff, Section 10 (Mental) 
Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A7 Medic 2 November 1918. 23 men of the unit.





Transcription By Donald Marshall. Copyright assigned to  Donald Marshall. 9/9/2015.  All rights asserted under Australian Commonwealth Copyright Legislation. Donald Marshall 8 Joyner st. Moorabbin  3189  Telephone 0419 37 34 34.



Aeroplane , WW1, first mention of,…..11/6/1915 Page 91,

Agamemnon Steam Ship, British Dreadnought Battleship War ship, Page 74

Alexandria, Egypt, First Visit , first mention of, ( 7/12/1914)  Page 27

Alexandria, Egypt,  travels towards by train Page 70  then hospital ship, Page  80, 85, 93, 94, 98,99,100,101

Antiques Page 68

ARGYLLSHIRE  Steam Ship / Troopship 7/10/1914  PAGE 3

Ascanius Steam Ship, HMAT British Troopship. Page 19

Aspinall, Archie, Doctor, Captain, Surgeon Sydney Hospital & Captain of Army Medical Team, Friend. Page 14,30, 85

Aspinal, Macie, brother of Captain Aspinall Page 85,

ANZAC  COVE,  first historical mention 2/8/1915  PAGE 100

ANZAC DAY 25TH APRIL 1915, full description of landing, battle, casualties, operations on Hospital Ship HS Gascon Page 77

Artillery 1st. Brigade, My Brigade, (Clementinas)  1st Australian Artillery Brigade  Page 69, 86, 98

Australian ANZAC attacking Bases on  Gabe Tepe, Turkey, Page 84,

Australian Nursing Sisters Page 77


Battleships collecting with 17 monitor ships at the Dardanelles Turkey, ready for mass landing Page 99

Battleship, Queen Elizabeth British Steam Ship HMS Page 73

Belfast, Ireland, travel towards, visits,  page 107

Bell, Doctor, Surgeon at AGH #2 France, page 122

Benton, Sir John, Page 115

Bird, Mr. Colonel Medical Officer AIF (Note CHM & Col. Bird had fun calling  her nurse friends  the` 4 Bird sisters`) Page 66

Birthday, of Clementina ( 22nd April 1879), Page 77, 114, 123, ……….(note CHM has 3 birthdays during her active WW1 service away from home, IN THIS DIARY, HOWEVER CHM HAS 5 BIRTHDAYS DURING HER ACTIVE SERVICE RETURNING WOUNDED SOLDIERS BACK TO AUSTRALIA WITH SEA TRANSPORT SECTION 6,7,8)

Borhote Mrs.( could be Bonholm ) Friend. Page 39

Boulogne, France,  crossed over by  train / ship to Wimereux,  Western Front, ( 7/4/1917)  Page 122

Bowral NSW, ( Mother Margaret Marshall rests) Page 124

Boyfriends ? Visitors, Mr. Cunningham ?, Mr. Dunlop. ? Page 45

Brass hats. Officials who visit the ship, Page 94,  ( Possibly General Sir Ian Hamilton, whom CHM did meet on 6/6/1915 )

Bridges, William Throsby, Major General Commander of the ANZAC forces appointed by Aust. & NZ Prime Ministers to lead the WW1 ANZAC  forces,  Wounded by sniper fire on Gallipoli, transferred to HS Gascon by barge,  operated on 18/5/1915. Died 2 days later of blood loss. Sister Clementina Marshall was General Bridges personal nurse on board HS Gascon & signed his death certificate.  Sister Clementina Marshall was awarded  a clasp of  Oak leaves to wear on the ribbon of her Victory Medal. In this diary CHM writes that General bridges was buried at Alexandria Egypt, however he was later buried with full military honours  at Duntroon Military College Canberra,  the only Australian to have his remains returned to Australia in World War 1. ( Out of the approx 68,000 dead Australian soldiers.  Also Sandy his Horse was the only horse returned to Australia out of the 120,000 horses used in WW1 .               Bridges, William Throsby, Major General Commander of the ANZAC Forces  Page 85.

British soldiers to rush the narrows Dardanelles, page 100

British Transport Ship Page 73, 99

Buchanan, Doctor, Captain, Surgeon Sydney Hospital & Captain of Army Medical Team, Friend. Page 14,

Buracco , Harbour Valetta Malta Page 97


Cairo, First Mention of  travels to Egypt. Page 23, 58,

Camel Ride to Aberwasha Egypt, Page 68 SEE PHOTO ON 29TH MARCH 1915 ON CAMEL AT SPHINX / PYRAMIDS

Canel, Suez, Egypt,  First visit,  first mention of, (1/12/1914) Page 24, 52,

Cape Helles, Turkey, ( Point of Gallipolli Peninsula) first mention, Page 77, 98, FIRST VISIT TO PICK UP WOUNDED PAGE 98,101

Cape Of Good Hope,  Steam Ship. Page 14

Cases, Theatre operations on HS Gascon, surgicall operations Page, 81, 88

Casualties, Died on ANZAC day HS Gascon Page 79, then after 81,82,86,87,89,95,

Cawood, Nursing Sister. Page 53

Cecilia,  Secilia (correct spelling ) British Steam ship, HM Hospital ship, CHM Thrilled to be on board, Page 65

Chaplains,  on board Argyllshire, 1 Catholic, & 1 of `Ours` Presbyterian. Page 11

Cheops,  Great Pyramid Cairo, visits, Page 41, Climbs Pyramids Page 41 ,42

Christian Mr.Sydney Ernest  Major Commanding Officer 1st Australian Field Artillery. Friend, Born 1868 – 1931 Page 9,14

Citadel Cairo Page 51

Civilization, Egyptian State society. Page 43

Clementina Hay Marshall Nurse  (Author)  of this nurses Diary, (Born Dornock Scotland 1879 – Died Urunga NSW 1968) Page 3,

(there were 7 Australian Army Nursing Service Sisters on board Hospital Ship Gascon on ANZAC DAY 25th April 1915,………….. with One British Army Matron Woolley,  with 590 wounded ANZAC soldiers, all loaded on board between 9am & 1am the next day, then headed towards Alexandria Egypt.)

These Australian Army Nurses were  On board Hospital Ship HS Gascon on ANZAC day 1915, Ella Tucker, Muriel Wakeford, Clementina Marshall, Katherine Porter,  Sister… Durham, Christine Dickson, & ………………………………

Page 77 Nurse Clementina Marshall Joins the hospital ship HS Gascon 23/4/1915  in Mudros bay towards Gallipoli.

Page 101 Nurse Clementina Marshall Leaves Hospital ship HS Gascon  5/9/1915 after 5months war service work.

Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, Indian Ocean.  Page 13, 14

Cunningham Mr. Sargeant Major Of Australian cavalry(Owner of the friendly horses)Friend, acquaintance Page7,10, 29,51


Dalipills. B. …………………………………friend from NSW.  Page 110

Dalriall, Bess,……………………………. friend, visits in London page 113

Dangerous sea voyages, Page 125

Dardanelles, Gallipoli, Turkish Peninsula sea going straits,  first mention of, Page 77,79,82,83,87,99, 100, 114,

Dardanelles, Excitement ran high as memory goes back to 1915,  12 months ago,  Page 114

Decorated by The King Of England, Royal Red Cross Medal, awarded at Buckingham palace, February 22nd 1917. page121

Delighted to be on board Hospital Ships  Page 70,

Dick, Doctor Adam, Page 99

Dickens, Charles, author,  in Old London Town Page 116, 117, 118,

Dickson, Nursing Sister..Christine .Australian Army Nursing Service on board HS Gascon……….. Page 53

Died, Casualties, on ANZAC day HS Gascon Page 79,

Doone, Nursing Sister, Page 99

Doyle, Nursing Sister, Page 99

Dreadnought Battleship British Old Style Steam  War ship, Page 74

Dressing Station & Medical Ward, France, Dressed 400 wounds in One Day  Page 122

Dublin  Steam ship, HMS P age 73

Dublin City, Ireland, travel towards, visits, Page 107

Duke of St. Albans, Page 117

Duke Of Cornwall Hotel, Page 102Dunbridge, London Vists Page 108

Dunlop , Dolly, Friend, Page 111

Dunluce Castle Steam Ship, British Navy, Troopship Page 87, 99

Duntroon , Small lieutenants, nice boys, from General William Throsby Bridges  college.  Page 10

Durham Nursing sister,  ……………………….AANS, friend, Australian Army Nursing Service on board HS Gascon Page 77, 101


Edinburgh,  Scotland Page 105

Emden, German War Ship Cruiser , Battleship Raider, Pacific & Indian Oceans, Page 13

England, first visit towards (16/10/1915) Page 103,

Enjoying,  as Operating Theatre nurse at Harefield page 121

Enjoying France Immensely, Page 124,

Enos, town, Gallipolli, Turkey, attacked by British forces, Page 81,

Euripedes Steam Ship Troopship  HMAT Page 6, 21

Evans Captain D L C Argyllshire Steam Ship Master. HMAT. Troopship  Page 24

Excitement , ran high at the Dardanelles, as memory goes back to 1915 12 months ago,  Page 114


Family, Robert Wiseman Marshall is Father, Margaret Hay Marshall is Mother, Then Clementina, born 1879,  Then Sandy (Alexander) CHM Brother, born 1881 ,Died Urunga NSW C. 1950, Then CHM younger sister Elizabeth ( POP),born 1882 then CHM younger brother Robert Williamson Marshall, (BEU) born 1884, died Kyabram 1953, (Donald Marshall`s  my Grandfather) Then CHM youngest brother James Falkner Marshall Died aged 1 Scotland in 1886 Dornock.  ALL FIVE children of Robert & Margaret  Marshall were born in Cuthill Farm House Dornock  North Scotland , & FOUR travelled with Mother Margaret on the Steam Sailing Ship SS Aberdeen to via Rio deJaniero, then Cape of Good Hope arriving in Melbourne in August  1888  then Sydney September 1888.

Father,  Robert Wiseman Marshall  Born Scotland 1841 Dornock  –  Died Sydney  1907  Page 3

Fear Greatly, Page 100

Fiaschi, Doctor Thomas Henry, Colonel Australian Medical Corps, Surgeon, Sydney hospital, see notes below. Page 111

Fiaschi, Mrs. 2nd wife Amy  Curtis,  Meets CHM at Majestic hotel Alexandria, Amy is also a nurse,  Page 98, 111

Field Hospital Page 47

Fired on, HS Gascon 1/2mile off Gallipoli coast by Turkish gun shells Page 81, 93

Folkstone, England, crossed over to France by train on board ship Page 122.

Furlough, ( Holiday Off Duty)  a fortnight off page 114


Gaba Tepe, town in Turkey, on eastern side of Gallipoli Peninsula, HS Gascon anchored ½ mile off coast of ANZAC Landing & battle grounds. Page 78, 79, 86,88,89,93,

Gallipoli, Page 81,  93, 101

Galway, Nursing Sister, Page 99

Gangway Up, towards  home Page 127.

Gascon Hospital Steam Ship British HS HOSPITAL SHIP, Built in Ireland in 1898. First Mention of Clementina Marshall arrival on HS Gascon , Page 77, 78, 101, 109

Gascon arrives back in London Page 109,

General Hospital #1 Australian, CHM nurse friends, depart On P&O Liner troopship SS Morea, Page 102

General Hospital #2 Australian, at Marseilles France, page116, & at Wimereux France, Page 122

General Hospital #3 Australian, CHM nurse friends, depart On Steam Ship Dulace Castle Page 99

General Hospital #14 Australian, in Egypt, asked for transfer, Page 120

General London Hospital #3 Wandsworth, working, page 110

Germans, soldiers, 56, 60, 78,

Gibraltar, Rock of, visits on voyage towards England & the ship is equipped with Guns & 2 Gunners Page 102, 103

Gifford, Lady Page 124

Glascon Steam Ship, British Troopship.  (Note NOT Gascon)  Page 14

Glemmish,  Elinor, Author Of Halcyone. Page 18

Gloucester Steam Ship, British  Battleship Page 73, 74

Grays Inn London  Page 117

Great Australian Bight, travels over  Page 4

Greig, Nursing Sister, Page 99

Grey, Sir Edward, MP, CHM visits House of Commons to hear the  War statement in Parliament,  London Page 107

Grammaphone, old style recorded wax cylinder, Listening to  music, entertainment on board ships Page 75

Governor General Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, meets on board 14/10/1914 Sydney Harbour  Page 3

Guns, Shells, 4inch, 8inch, 9.2inch, descriptions Page 73, 74, 75, 81, 103,

Gwynn Nell, Page 112, 117


Hampshire Steam Ship, British HMAS troopship destroyer Page 13

Hardelot, France, Page 123, 124,

Harding Steam Ship, British Man of War HMS page

Harefield Hospital, London ,..CHM working at, Page 114, 116, (Harefield hospital work is slack, page 116 ),  120,

Harrassed. Unsettled temperament page 109

Harrow on the Hill London , visits page 108

Hate , it here at Harefield Hospital Page 120, ( see also, Enjoying as Operating Theatre nurse at Harefield page 121)

Heads, under some delusion Page 121

Heliopolis, Cairo, Hospital Page 57, 64

HELL , ( bombardment on ANZAC DAY 1915 ), Page 78

Holboro, Page 116,

Home voyages, carrying 1400 wounded soldiers, ( CHM completes, Four return trips as Matron )  page 126

Horror, Awful, Page 79,83,89,95, 107,

Hospital Train , travelling from Alexandria to Cairo, Page 27.

Hospitals all full to overflowing,  11/6/1915 already returning soldier to Australia & New Zealand Page 90

House of Commons, London, English Parliament visit,   Page 106

Humanity, Page 54


I Hope, have asked for transfer, Page 120

Imbros, Island  & harbour bay, Page 87, 88,

In Charge, of 5 sisters, Page 126

Indian Steam Ship Page 71

Ingliss, Miss ( friend) Page 124,

Inoculated, ( 1917 Spanish Influenza) Page 123

Ireland, travel towards, visits,  page 107

Isle of Wight, English channel, CHM drove across & visits,   Page 115,

Ismailia, Town in  Egypt, WW1 ANZAC staging camp & field hospital Page 51, 60, 64


Japanese cruiser ( Possibly Mitsubishi) Allies with Australian & British WW1 troopships. Page 12

Jones, Captain AIF.  page 51

Julius Caesar Page 112


Kellet, Nursing  Sister Maud (from Sydney Hospital), friend, Page51, 109,

(Sister Kellet,  Later Sydney Hospital Matron 1922, over the top of Clementina Marshall who then resigned.  )

Khedive Palace, Egypt. Page 29.

Kitchen, Nursing Sister Alice, Australian Army Nursing Service,  then Joined HS Gascon on 11th June 1915,  Page 58, Page 90

Kitcheners Lord, the death of Lord Kitchener is the worst of Calamities, Page 119

King Charles  2nd Page 112,

King George 1st King Of England page 118

King George Vth The King of England, Clementina is invited to Buckingham palace to meet & be Awarded the Royal Red Cross  Royal Red Cross Medal RRC.  date …11th March 1917…… Page 121

King Henry VIII (8th) Ménage papers & accounts, Page 112

King, Nursing Sister,………………………………………………….. Page 53

Kingsway, London,  visits page 116,

Knights Hospitallars ( St. John ) page 118

Knights Templar’s Page 118

Knowledge of Silence, Looking at the Great Pyramids of Cheops,  Page 35


Lancashire, Territorials, British soldiers,  patients, Page 56

Lancastrians, Page 113,  118,

Landing Gallipoli, Forces, French, English, Australian, Indian, page 80.

Laughing  Page 72.

Leaving France, for England 19/8/1917, Page 124

Leaves,  HS Gascon asked by Matron Woolley with 4 others to be relieved  (5/9/1915) page 101

Leaving London, my war service is 4 years, ( then 2 years more on nursing Returning soldiers home to Australia Page 125

Lemnos, First Visit, Page 72  (21st April 1915) waiting to see what happens Lemnos harbour, Page 75

Lewmard. Mrs. visitor &  friend Page 71

Library, London Page 112

Life Belt,  on voyage Home to Australia, Page 125

Lincoln Inn Fields, London Page 116

Linklater Nursing Sister, Page 99

Lights Out, Submarine Scare Page 84, 86,87

Lloyd Mr. ……………Captain AIF Australian Infantry Forces 1st Artillery.  Captain, Freind Page 23.

London,  England, first visit towards (16/10/1915) Page 103, 105, 106, 107, 108

London , Hugely Interesting, visits again & again, page 108, 116, 117, 118

Long Dreary Winter, then Spring is too beautiful Page 119

Love, being near the Sea, excellent, Page 122

Lucas Mr.   Major  Page 9.

Leslie, Mr. ..Man Friend or relative working on Tug Boat Albany WA Page 6

Lyttletons, Lady, meets page 113


Macaulay’s Essays Page 119

Mac Gregor, Nursing Sister Friend, Page 110.

Mae, Nurses or  Lady relative lives in Sydney Page 5

Malta to Gallipoli Page 95

MAP of ANZAC Day Gallipoli attacks, hand drawn on site in view of the coast, men , guns, smoke, action, attacks, Page 80.

Marlbourgh House, London, Clementina Invited by & meets Her Majesty, Queen Alexandria,  Page….121

Marseilles, France, arrives,   Page 102, 116,

Marshall Nurse Clementina(Author) of this nurses Diary, born Scotland Dornock 1879– Died Urunga NSW1968. Page 3,101

Matron  Rose Creal, Sydney Hospital, Nurse Trainer & Friend & WW1 Matron with AANS Page 5

Matron Gould Miss Nellie, Royal Australian Medical Corp, ( Founder of AANS with General Bridges Duntroon ) Page 70

Matron Gray, Miss,……………. AGH #2 Wimereux France, Page 122

Matron,……………… Royal Australian Medical Corp, Page 66

Matron Woolley,………………British Army Medical Corp. Matron In Charge of HS Gascon with 7 Australian Nurses. Page 77, 101

Mathius, Mr. Colonel & Mrs, at Shere England, visits, page 114,

Majestic, Steam Ship, British Navy LOST, torpedoed, bombed by enemy, Page 87

Majestic Hotel Alexandria Page 71, 90, 98, 101,

Melbourne Steam Ship  HMAS Page 4

Mentioned, in War Office Despatches, Nurse  Clementina Marshall in newspaper articles, Page 94,

Michael Angelo, sculpture Page 96

Minerva, Steam Ship Battleship steam ship, Page 74

Memory, goes back 12 months to 1915, to ANZAC day, describes Red poppies before ANZAC DAY 1915,  page 114,

Mena House, Cairo, First Mention of, Page 27, 33, 52, Mena Camp ANZAC base full of Australians Page 64, 69,

Minatour Steam Ship, HMAS Page 13

Miserable tired, page 101

Monmouth Steam Ship,  Page 14

Morea. Steam Ship,  British troopship P&O Liner converted for troopship war work, (possible photo)page 101

Mother, Margaret Williamson Marshall  1858 born Scotland – Died 1932 Sydney  PAGE 3

Motherspills, Seasickness pills,  Page 3

Moulin, Sovereign  Cafe, for excellent for Pancakes, Near Wimereux France, Page 123

Mudros Bay, harbour of the Island of Lemnos, Page 78, 80,86,87, 91, 98,99,100,  memories of Mudross bay Page 114,

Murphy, Mr. Captain, 2 days off drives with Clementina to Alexandria gardens Egypt. Page 98

My Brigade, Clementinas,  1st Australian Artillery Brigade  Page 69, 86, 98

Myra Mackenzie, friend Page 113


Napoleon III. Page 102

Nelson, Lord,  Steam Ship British battleship, HMS page 93

Neuralgic, head aches , acute, Page 120

New Zealanders, soldiers, Page 56, 57, 64,

New Zealand Boats, Troopships  carrying NZ Army. Page 13.

Nile River Egypt. Page 31, 66

Non Commissioned Officer  …….. Sergeant Major Page 8


Off –Duty, one day per Month, visits Lambeth Palace London, Page 112, also see Furlough a fortnight, page 114,116

Olding, Mr…… Page 87

Operating Theatre nurse, HS Gascon Page 79, 88,

Operating,  Theatre, nurse,  Harefield Page  120,

Osmania Steam Ship, troopship Page 85

Owen , Major………resigning, to travelling Home, Page 125



Paddington, London & The Ivanhoe Hotel, Bloomsbury street. Page 104

Pakeha, Steam Ship USS,. Cargo boat, return voyage .. page 126

Palais de Long Champs,  France, Page 102

Peace & calm, very desirable, to be happy, Page 109

Phillips, Nursing Sister, Page 99

Pidgeon , Nursing Sister, Page 99

Plymouth, arrives with torpedo boat escort,  Page 102, 103, Leaving…Page  126,

Pneumonia Page 48

Pocock Nurse sister Bessie Sydney hospital Friend, cabin together on Troopship Argyllshire. Page 7,14,30,37,53,

Pop, nickname, Clementina`s  sister is Elizabeth, CHM younger sister from Sydney NSW, Died Urunga NSW C. 1956  Page 3

Port Aden, Arabia, (now Yemen ) top of Indian Ocean, Page 21, see Also Gulf Of Aden, Page 22

Porter,  Katherine,  Nursing sister, friend, Australian Army Nursing Service on board HS Gascon Page 77, 90,101,

Pyramids Cairo, Egypt. Visits, Page 34, 35, 66, CAMEL RIDE TO SEE PAGE 68, Climbing The Great Cheops Pyramid Page 41 ,42


Quarrel, Looting, Fighting, Burning Houses arrests  of ANZACS in Cairo red district. Page 68

Queen Alexandria, CHM  meets, at Marlbourgh House as invited by her Majesty, page….121

Queen Elizabeth British Steam Ship HMS Page 73

Queen Amelia of Portugal, CHM meets, Page 125

Queen Victoria, Diamond jubilee gifts, visits,  page 115


Radcliff, Nursing Sister,…………………… Page 53, 58

Rations, Australian Nurses in Marseilles France, Living On Rations.  Page 116

Ras- el-Tiu, Town Egypt. Page 29, 31.

Rebellious, nurses Wandsworth, Territorial Sisters Page 113

Red Poppies, at Mudros Bay,Laid out for me by my friends in Honour of my birthday, 3 days prior to ANZAC DAY1915Page 114

Relations, visits in Edinburgh John Wallace, Alice Williamson, Minnie ( Marshall) Page 105

Restaurants,  Shepheards, Best hotel in Cairo, Restaurant. Page 37, 38,       Majestic Hotel Alexandria Page 71, 90, 98, 101,

Restaurants in London,  Chanticleer, Isola Bello, Romano’s, Rendezvous, Trionons, Petit Giche, Fiascalis, Trocadero, Page 113

Returning wounded, Invalided soldiers to Australia & New Zealand in troopships from Alexandria 11/6/1915 already, page 90,

Rifle Fire Crackle,  first mention of, Page 54

Royal Red Cross Medal, awarded at Buckingham palace, decorated by The King Of England, February 22nd 1917. page121

Royal Hospital Chelsea, -For veterans, page 112

Russell, Earl Page 117



Sakkara, town in Egypt near the Old Step Pyramid Page 41, 42

Samsang Nursing Sister,.Hilda ( from Melbourne ) then Joined HS Gascon on 11th June 1915, Not named in diary, page 90

Sarcophagi, solid carved rock marble coffin inside Pyramids Page  40

Scotland, Travels by Steam Train towards Aberdeen Page 104

Seasick, mountainous seas, horrible stormy weather, all on board hospital ship seasick  Page 97

Sicilia, correct spelling(Cecilia, wrong)British Steam ship, HOSPITAL SHIP, Thrilled to be on board, Page 65, then 70, 77, 94,

Shepheards, Best hotel in Cairo, Restaurant. Page 37, 38,

Shropshire Steam Ship HMAT British Troopship, Page 19

Sink our Rank, ( from Nurse Sister Sargeant to nurses during their work at Wandsworth hospital  ) Page 111,113,114

Sister Nurse  is being Married today, a much chronicled event,  Page 119

Sisters, Nursing from NSW Sydney Hospital Friends, Page 27

Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt.  first mention of visit,( 24/12/1914) Page 34, 66

Splint Padding, nurses preparing bandages for patients, Page 72.

Sprent, Major,…………..Page 126.

St. Johns Island near Port Said Arabia, Page 24, 25

St. Johns Church, Valetta, Malta Page 96

St. Pauls  Cathedral London , Page 108

Staff nurses, Sink our rank to…… as a result of rebellious English fearfull nurses, squabbling, over rank,  … Page 114

Star Of Victoria Steam battleship Australian HMAS Page 19

Stewart Mr.  AIF 1st  Infantry Battalion,   Friend , acquaintance Page 28, 37, 40,98,

Submarined, LOST, torpedoed,  bombed Page 87, 95

Sultan, Hassan Mosque, visits, Page 46

Suserainty, Suzerainty (proclamations of English Order) Posted in  Public spaces Cairo, Egypt. Page 39.

Sydney Departing harbour 25 troopships 14/10/1914  page 3

Sydney Battleship HMAS Steam Ship Australia’s Largest WW1 Battleship.  Page 13, 73

Syme,  (later SIR) Doctor  George Adlington Syme,  Colonel Australian Medical Corp, Surgeon on board HS Gascon, with Clementina,  later Wandsworth & Harefield hospitals in England with Clementina, Later After WW1 First President of Royal College of Surgeons Australia. ( His Uncles are the founders of the Age newspaper,  Melbourne) CHM friend  Page 79, 82


Talbot, Lady, meets, Page 113,

Territorials, Lancashire,  British soldiers,  patients, Page 56

Territorials, Lancashire,  British Nurses, dreary, causes  a bit of fuss, Page 110,

Torpedo, attacks, scares, firings,  Page 73, 74

Tower of London Page 108,

Triumph, Steam Ship,  British Navy troopship, LOST by enemy submarine torpedo,  Page 87

(  Tucker , Ella, Nurse with Australian Army Nursing Service.  Not mentioned in diary, however photo shows,…….. Nurse Sister  Ella Tucker on board HS GASCON  )

Turks, Soldiers, Page 56, 57, 59, 74, 78, 83,

Turkish Delight sweets, Page 26

Turrets , of guns on Destroyer,  visits  with photo taken 21/4/1915 Page 75

Tussards Madame, London visits, Page 108



Valetta, capital of Malta, Page 96, page 100 3rd visit

Venture ( Forth Alone, CHM explores alone in the desert on a donkey to visit villages ) Page 44

Victor, Church of Saint, which is built over the Church of the Inquisition, & the tombs of Lazarus, France, Page 102

Victory, IF we are to have…..Page 107


Waiting orders, Page 80, 88, 91, 106, 107,

Wakeford, Nursing Sister Murial,………… Australian Army Nursing Service on board HS Gascon.  Page 90,101, 116

( Letter from Nursing Sister Muriel Wakeford at Marseilles France, who is at Australian General Hospital #2 page 116)

Wales,  travel towards, visits,  page 107

Wandsworth Hospital London , Nurse Sister Clementina arrives for work  12/11/ 1915 Page 110, 112

War Work, first wounded, Page 56

Welsh Tongue, language, visits Wales, Page 108

Westminster Abby Page 108

Wide spaces of sandy deserts in Australia, memories of, Page 116

Williamson , Dolly, Friend visits page 115

Wimbledon London, Chilblains, wearisome, Page 112, 115,

Wimereux, France,  fashionable suburb of Boulogne, Page 122

Wishing , the war was over, Page 120

Withdrawal, , statement in parliament, whilst CHM in attendance house of commons, AWFUL price,  Page 107

Wyboru, Elsie Page 108




Zeppelin  airships German Raids, first sighting of Zepplelins in London , Page 106 ( photo)


Transcription By Donald Marshall. Copyright assigned to  Donald Marshall. 9/9/2015.  All rights asserted under Australian Commonwealth Copyright Legislation. Donald Marshall 8 Joyner st. Moorabbin  3189  Telephone 0419 37 34 34.


Regarding Nurses performing great service during their careers,….

Clementina Marshall was trained at Sydney hospital in Macquarie street, by the previous Matron at Sydney hospital,…

*  Matron Nellie Gould, on the 27th of September 1914 Miss Gould enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and was appointed matron of No.2 Australian General Hospital. With six other nurses she left Australia on 20 October, disembarking at Alexandria, Egypt, on 4 December. The hospital unit arrived later and she took up her duties as matron on 21 January 1915. The staff were established at Mena House when, a few months later, casualties from Gallipoli made necessary the preparation of a second hospital at Ghezireh Palace; the two hospitals had a total of 1500 beds. In April 1916 No.2 A.G.H. was transferred to France and established at Wimereux, arriving on 30 June, the eve of the advance on the Somme.

In 1917, after a long period of arduous duty, Miss Gould was posted to England to No.1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital (Harefield). In November she was transferred to Cobham Hall, an Australian convalescent hospital. She returned to Australia in January 1919 and was discharged from the A.I.F. on 3 March. Her health was broken and she was unfit to take up nursing duties again; from 1920 she received a war service pension. Her distinguished service was recognized by the award of the Royal Red Cross (1st class) in 1916.

Nurse Clementina Marshall worked alongside both these Doctors at Sydney Hospital prior to WW1,

* Aspinall, “Archie”, Doctor Archibald John, as he was known, was educated at The Scots College and at the University of Sydney. He graduated with M.B. 1906. In 1906 Archie commenced work at Sydney Hospital as a Pathologist. From 1908 to 1911 he was the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. It was during Archie’s term of office as Medical Superintendent that the first woman doctor was appointed to the staff of the hospital in 1910 [2]. (Earlier, another application by a woman doctor had been rejected in 1905.) He then became an Honorary Surgeon at the hospital, a position only interrupted by his military service. Finally, in 1931, Archie was appointed as a Lecturer in Clinical Surgery. His private consulting rooms were at 157 Macquarie Street and then at BMA House, 135 Macquarie Street. Archie was a foundation member of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. He was a member of the NSW State Committee of the College. War Service, Archie was appointed a Captain in the AIF on 20 August, 1914. He left Sydney on 20 October,1914 aboard the Transport A14, Euripides. On 26 July, 1915 he was promoted to Major in preparation for a transfer on 12 August, 1915 to the Divisional Headquarters of the ANZAAC. About a week later he was appointed as Acting Sanitary Officer for the Dardanelles area. His task was to try to arrest a worsening outbreak of dysentery. Two weeks later his responsibilities increased when he was promoted to Acting Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services, 1st Division. Archie held this position for several months. He returned to Australia on 4 November, 1915 aboard the Health Ship, Karoola which reached Sydney about a month later. His appointment with the AIF was terminated on 30 April, 1916. He continued to serve with the A.A.M.C. Reserve for many years. During WW2 Archie worked aboard the Dutch Hospital ship Oranje, before transferring as the Commandant of the 114th AGH, Goulburn, New South Wales. He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel on 1 May, 1941.[3] Background and Family Archie was born on 12 May, 1883 at Forbes and died on 5 December, 1945 at Turramurra. In 1913 he married Marybell Campbell Woods with whom he had five children. The family has personal experience with medical problems. Their eldest child was born with mild Cerebral palsy. Their fourth child died of whooping cough soon after his third birthday. Initially the family lived close to the Sydney Hospital. They later shifted to Darlinghurst and to Woollahra. Archie was left his father’s property in Trentino Avenue, Turramurra. At first the family spent their weekends at the property. Later they moved to live there permanently.  Clementina & Dr. Aspinal were life long friends after WW1.

*Fiaschi, Doctor Thomas Henry, Colonel Australian Medical Corps, Surgeon, Sydney hospital, also Boer War South Africa, Italy, London. Nurse Clementina Marshall & Doctor Fiaschi were Sydney Hospital colleges where they worked together & became friends during surgical operations.  On 10 August 1913 Fiaschi’s 1st.  wife died in Sydney, and on 19 August 1914, He married with Anglican rites Amy Curtis, a nurse, at Christ Church, Bundaberg, Queensland. In May 1915 Fiaschi left Sydney for Lemnos, where he commanded the 3rd Australian General Hospital before being invalided to England with beriberi in November. On recovery he went to Italy, where in July 1916 he temporarily resigned his commission in the Australian Imperial Force, to be surgeon in a military hospital at Schio in the Trentino; he was accompanied by his wife who worked as a nurse for the Italian Red Cross Society. They returned to Australia in October 1917 and he joined the Australian Army Medical Corps Reserve as colonel, retiring in January 1921 as an honorary brigadier-general. Dr Fiaschi wrote many letters & references for Clementina in later life until he died in 1927.

** Notes regarding Nurses on Board the British owned & operated Hospital Ship Gascon, during 1915 …………………………….. from Susanna De Vries, book Australian Heroines of  World War One.  Page 123 notes,..  2nd September 1915. Alexandria, We arrived here yesterday at 4pm, we got 200 deck cases off, so I had to stay on duty all night. ( Sister Hilda Theresa Samsing) It was awfully hot and the dysentery cases felt the heat badly. Sisters Durham, Porter, Marshall & Wakeford left the Gascon this evening. Sisters Gullet, Tynham, Frater & Walters take their places…  The British Army Matron Woolley was in Charge during 1915..  Nurse Clementina Marshall worked in the operating Theatre, Sister Samsing was desperate to have this job for herself.

Transcription By Donald Marshall. Copyright assigned to  Donald Marshall. 9/9/2015.  All rights asserted under Australian Commonwealth Copyright Legislation. Donald Marshall 8 Joyner st. Moorabbin  3189  Telephone 0419 37 34 34.





HOSPITAL SHIPS ENGAGED IN THE WW1 MEDITERANEAN SEA; HS Sicilia and HS Gascon which were present on 25 April,


Also Later  HS GALEKA

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