Marshall story of the ocean voyage to Emigrate to Australia, 1889.

This story celebrates the ocean voyage in 1889 by Mrs. MARGARET MARSHALL and her four young children CLEMENTINA 9, ALEXANDER 7, ELIZABETH 5, and 4 year old ROBERT, who left their home in Dornoch North Scotland to board the Steam Ship S.S. ABERDEEN in Southampton on 18th April 1889 and their safe arrival, via Cape Town and Melbourne, into Sydney harbour. ROBERT WISEMAN MARSHALL, Margarets husband and the above childrens father, arrived some time later,(1890).
Imagine the frightening ocean voyage, insufficient Life Boats, few could swim, No radio, No satellite navigation, a stormy, vast, 13 week voyage in a small ship crammed with 63 passengers,crew,& animals…

After living in Sydney for many years, the Marshall family lived around, Peakhurst, Woolhara, Bellevue Hills, Bondi, Bowral, Mittagong, Pambula. Margaret 1923 & Robert 1913 are buried in Mittagong cemetery.

Clementina as a young woman entered Sydney hospital in 1903 as a trainee nurse aged 24 years.
Clementina excelled in her 6 day per week nurses duties, with one day off per month to see her parents. Nurses in 1903 worked 12 hours per day, 6 days per week to scrub patients night clothes, scrub floors , feed patients in their wards, & follow the doctors around the wards to learn all they could,. ( or to be admonished / yelled at by their supervisors.) Study was to be completed after 12 hours of hospital work every day.
Clementinas famous hand written diary is a unique piece of WW1 ANZAC history for us all to cherish.
This website celebrates the bravery, courage & strength, that clementina had during her life to care for her fellow Australian people, then soldiers, & later thousands of patients on their voyage back to Australia to repatriate these soldiers after WW1 finished in 1918.

Max & Mavis Marshall along with their families of Ross, Brenda, Donald & Sonia Marshall, are beneficiaries of this emigration Story, & how fortunate are we, to be born & raise our children in “THIS LUCKY COUNTRY“, “THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY“.

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