Newspaper article, The British Journal Of Nursing January 9th 1915.

Newspaper article, The British Journal Of Nursing January 9th 1915. PAGE 25 & PAGE 26.
On board the Euripides, including Miss Gould( Principle Matron ), Miss Johnson ( Matron ), & Sisters Frater, Pocock, Marshall, Twyman, and Miss J. Miles Walker.
In all twenty – five nurses accompanied the force now at work in Egypt; and, in addition, four nurses who accompanied Lieut- Col. Bird, whose services have been accepted by the War Office. It is a wise arrangement that those Australian nurses, should be stationed in Egypt instead of coming father North. The main hospital Service will include two field ambulances , a clearing hospital, two stationary Hospitals, two general hospitals – making provision in all,for some 1800 beds.
A number of Army Nursing Sisters will be attached to this service , Under the (British) Surgeon General Williams , Director of Medical Services.
Miss Gould was formerly Matron of the Sydney Hospital, and for some years has worked on the staff of the public Health Department; Miss Walker is Matron Of the Tasmanian Army Nursing Service.
Sister Kellett, whose position is that of Acting Matron at the Sydney Hospital, and
Sister Clementina Marshall( Theatre Sister),
have had leave of absence for as long as they may be serving at the Front: as has also Sister Pocock ( Matron of the Gladesville hospital).
We learn from the Australian Nurses Journal that Matrons will be paid 3 pounds 3 shillings per week.
Sisters will be paid 2 pounds 2 shillings per week & each Nurse will receive 3 shillings 6 pence per month war service payment. that is 35 cents per week**!!
{ Note Nurses were expected to buy their own Uniforms. }
{1915 war wages were matrons $6.60 per week, Sisters $4.40 per week)about the average wage for war service work.}Except that these Nurses are in the War zone year after year in full & extreme danger.}
The nurses provide their own Kit, towards which an allowance of 15 Pounds is granted {$30Dollars}
The kit includes bedding; and nurses like Officers provide their own mess stores, {kitchen equipment}
Among recent additions to the nursing staff of the Australian Voluntary Hospital near Boulogne France, are nurses Blackmore, Vaughan Jenkins, & Mackenzie, of New south Wales, ; and Nurses MW Milburn , of Victoria.
This hospital is almost entirely staffed & Maintained by Australians, whose generosity has been munificent. Sir Robert Lucas tooth subscribed 10,000 pounds at its inception; and tragic interest is lent to this circumstance by the fact that he lost two sons in the War. Many Australians are contributing 100 pounds a month while the War lasts.
The Nursing staff are all patriotic Australians, the majority trained in the best hospitals in the commonwealth. All overseas nurses have shown a splendid national spirit.

{Reprinted copied from The British Journal of Nursing page 25- 26 January 9th 1915.}

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