medals awarded to Nurse Clem. Marshall

1907 Australian nursing badge stamped Clem. Marshall on completion of her nurse training at Sydney hospital following 4 years of working on wards & studying both 6 days per week 12 hours per shift, including night shifts.  NOTE : ONE DAY OFF PER WEEK sometimes a Sunday…

Royal Red Cross 2nd class ( nurses)  1917 Buckingham palace England presented by King George 5th

World War 1 Star 4868 1919

British War medal 1920

Victory Medal stamped Army Nursing Service 1920

Gallipoli Medal, ( Simpson & his Donkey Copper bronze ) awarded about 1940

RSL badges Returned Services League

many other service medals s shown in photo gallery.

many of the old soldiers were very gratefull of Clem. Marshalls nursing work , they gave her their own medals in gratitude /satisfaction of Clementina saving their lives during & after world war 1.


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